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The Truffle and Wine Co., Manjimup

It’s a given that any foodie’s trip down south will include the Margaret River Wine Region, but there’s a place that’s sometimes overlooked when it shouldn’t be.

All hail one of the world’s leading producing towns of the indescribable truffles, Manjimup.

The town’s cool climate is the ideal place to grow black perigord truffles, which have become a necessity for chefs across the globe, and has become of the world’s most successful truffle-producing regions.

If you ever go past Manjimup, be sure to stop in to the Truffle and Wine Co.: we’re lucky to live so close to some of the world’s best produce. It’s a short drive from the main road and is in the middle of nowhere, perfect for a relaxed lunch stop.


According to the attendant at the cellar door the price for a kilo of black perigord truffles has fallen to $2500, so they are by no means a cheap investment to impress your friends at a dinner party. However, it only costs about $20 for truffle-infused olive oil, dressing or salt with that unique taste.

A lunch date at the Truffle and Wine Co. was a great excuse to explore Manjimup and surrounds while bringing in the New Year. I like to think that spending the first day of 2015 at the Co is a nice theme to set for the rest of the year.

Nearly all of the cafe’s menu involves truffles in one way or another, so if you’re not an enthusiast it’s nigh impossible to get away from the powerful flavour.

I ordered the pumpkin and feta linguine with a simple truffle-infused olive oil dressing, and I was not disappointed. Simplicity is better when it comes to truffles – they’re so darn expensive and full of flavour that there’s no excuse to try and hide them.


The Truffle and Wine Co. is well worth a day trip to Manjimup (and even a quick trip to Pemberton with a stop-in at Picardy on the way back) to load up on everything truffle and unwind amongst the peaceful grounds.

Just don’t forget to take something from the shop with you – the wine and truffle-based delicacies will add something special to home cooking, and who doesn’t like to cook with wine?

Open every day expect Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday from 10am to 4pm.

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The Truffle and Wine Co also allows the public to participate in truffle hunts from late May to late August.


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