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Toastface Grillah, Perth CBD

I know I’m late to the party with Toastface but damn – that tiny little toasted sandwich bar down one of many of Perth’s seedy-looking alleyways is an absolute gem.

It’s everything you need in a quick-fix hangover/breakfast/hunger cure.

The graffiti-covered walls, complete with a mural honouring namesake rapper Ghostface Killah, house one of Perth’s cheapest and most delicious coffee and sandwich menus.

Before work early on a Tuesday morning the place was nearly deserted, save for a couple of keen sandwich fiends, so it was quick and easy to order.

The coffee is everything you need at 7am when you’ve had interrupted sleep, and followed by a fresh orange juice it’s the perfect reminder why fresh is best.

Nearly all of the sangas on the menu have just three ingredients, proving that quantity isn’t better than quality. The apple and gouda option ($8) sounds odd on paper but in reality it makes so much sense. The gouda and ham keep the traditionalists at bay, while the slivers of onion and apple add a sweetness that cuts through the cheese.


For the price, and the simple sandwich deliciousness, you’d be silly not to head to Toastface Grillah for a feed.

Monday to Friday – 7am to 4pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

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The Precinct, Victoria Park

There’s something oddly satisfying about taking yourself out for breakfast, if only for a short one.

The perfect morning, despite feeling worse for wear, called for a visit to The Precinct: a place I’d heard good things about but never really bothered to see for myself.

This hip little place is smack bang in the middle of Vic Park and doesn’t look like much from the outside, but upon closer inspection there’s something quite coolly understated about it.

I opted for a bench seat so I could stare meaningfully in the distance. It could have worked against me, though, because I was forgotten for a while after my coffee came. Still, it was a delicious coffee.

After a week of craving something sweet for breakfast I decided to get it out of my system and ordered the banana bread with berry compote, mascarpone and candied almonds and a fresh orange juice.

I wasn’t disappointed. If I wasn’t craving sugar so much I think the massive stack of banana bread (it’s basically cake, right?) would’ve put me into a sugar coma.


The top piece was deliciously soft and moist with a kick of cinnamon, but as the stack got closer to the bottom the bread became drier and drier. However, smothering the pieces in the light mascarpone and tangy berry compote with a strategically placed almond on top managed to do the trick.

Sitting at the bench listening to quiet indie music and busy cafe breakfast noises while trying to decide whether I’d eaten too much was a morning well spent at The Precinct.

Except maybe next time I’ll order something a bit less I-feel-sorry-for-myself-so-I’m-having-cake-for-breakfast and a bit more I’m-a-functioning-adult-and-I-eat-healthy.

Monday to Friday 9am – late
Saturday 8am – late
Sunday 8am – 10pm

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The Hardware Store, Scarborough

It seems as though most of Perth’s new eateries are taking the industrial chic route but this really nails it*.

It doesn’t really look like much, but this a-little-out-of-the-way cafe is super busy and – tries to be – super hipster.

Strolling into the Hardware Store at about 9:30am on a Saturday morning I expected to be shooed out with a flurry of hands and cries of, “We’re just too busy, come back in an hour!”. However, we spied a spot at the end of a long table and grabbed our own menus.

photo 1

photo 2

At the Hardware Store you order your own food, grab your own cutlery and collect your own menus – maybe that’s why the prices were cheaper than the usual breakfast establishments.

About five minutes after I ordered the granola buttermilk pancakes with blueberries, pomegranate coulis and clotted cream ($14) with a fresh pineapple juice ($7) it was already in front of me – the quickest service I’ve ever had in Perth.

Whether it was because they were sitting there waiting from a previous muddled order or because they’re easy to put together it didn’t matter: the pancakes were flavoursome but dense with small clusters of granola and a fresh tang of blueberries.

photo 4

I was looking forward to a thick coulis but was disappointed. Even though it tasted okay it was incredibly watery with a few tiny bits of pomegranate floating in the mix, making it hard to eat.

On another note, everything seems to arrive in jam jars now – my friend’s muesli was presented in a massive jar and so was my refreshing pineapple juice, a perfect way to start the morning after being at the beach.

photo 3

By no means is The Hardware Store up there with Perth’s best establishments but it’s kind of cool, it’s cheap and the food is simple: sometimes that’s all you want when it’s scorching outside and you don’t have many coins in your pocket.

The Hardware Store Cafe and Eatery

117 Brighton Road


Open for breakfast and lunch every day.

*apologies for the poor wordplay.

The Hardware Store Cafe & Eatery on Urbanspoon

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Tuck Shop, Northbridge

Tucked away in the quieter streets of Northbridge is Tuck Shop, a tiny but busy, unpretentious cafe with a distinctly corner shop feel.

Astroturf-covered seats and chic chairs line the outside of the corner cafe whose interior, while not as bright and breezy as you’d expect, is full of produce, chalkboard-style walls and funky lights.

For 8am on a Saturday it was surprisingly busy considering it was in a quieter area of the Northbridge foodie scene – although, in some circles, that could add to its appeal.

It didn’t take long for our waitress to arrive to take our coffee order, but it was quite a while before I could down my much-needed espresso.

For a small cafe the menu was long and diverse: you could order chilli con carne or pork belly for breakfast instead of the usual bacon and eggs.

I opted for a more breakfast-oriented option and ordered the bruschetta with goat’s curd, avocado, basil salad, tomato and grilled bacon, while my friend ordered the chilli con carne.

The time between ordering and food-on-table wasn’t the greatest, but if you’re in a rush on a Saturday morning then you’re not doing it right.

The bruschetta was probably the best I’ve had in Perth. It was creamy and tangy without being unbalanced, and the bacon was a great addition to an already well-loved breakfast option. The basil salad, drizzled in a balsamic reduction, was clean and fresh – exactly what you feel like first thing in the morning.


The chilli con carne looked tasty and rich, like it could fill you up until well past lunchtime. I was given the thumbs up by my breakfast buddy – it was clearly a winner.

photo (1)

Although the service left a little to be desired as everyone appeared to be quite stressed, the food they put on the table is delicious.

Tuck Shop is one of those places that you wouldn’t know much about unless you’d been directed there by a friend considering it’s not in the heart of the cafe strip, but it’s certainly more than worth the extra two minute walk.

Just don’t get there after 9am – you might have to wait in a fairly lengthy line. But that’s always a good sign.

Tuck Shop

178 Newcastle Street

Open for breakfast and lunch every day except Monday.

Tuck Shop Cafe on Urbanspoon

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Cantina 663, Mount Lawley

Cantina has become a solid Mount Lawley establishment; everyone knows what it is, everyone knows what to expect and every week it’s packed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We thought we’d be the first people there as we trudged in from the cold, miserable weather right on opening time but surprisingly people had already started to arrive.

Moments after we sat down at our window seat we were offered menus and water, and every few seconds I’d glance up and see the dedicated runners heading to City to Surf and feel slightly guilty as I pored over the delicious things on the menu.
The pancakes were incredibly tempting but I opted for the braised brisket, potato and spinach ($22) while the man typically ordered the steak sandwich.


I didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t what arrived in front of me. The fried egg was a welcome surprise and added a ‘breakfast’ element to the dish while the meat itself was so flavoursome I could’ve eaten it without all of the other things on the plate. The potato was cut into small chunks that were creamy and easy to eat – I only wish they went easy on the parsley.
The entire meal was covered in an oniony-vinegary jus that went so well with everything I was disappointed when there was only a tiny bit left by the end of the meal.
The verdict on the steak sandwich backed up my meal choice; “Yeah, it was nice, but yours was better.” Internally I smiled with pride.
What I love about Cantina is that it doesn’t have a typically breakfast-style menu. While there are bacon and eggs, pancakes and muesli on the menu there’s also a steak sandwich or brisket or fritter, and that makes for a delightfully unique way to the start the day.

Cantina 663
663 Beaufort Street
Monday to Saturday, 7:30am til late
Sunday 7:30am til 3pm

Cantina 663 on Urbanspoon

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Gordon Street Garage, West Perth

Originally a garage, the aptly named Gordon Street Garage has been fitted out with funky furniture, art and a feeling of reinvention all the while keeping true to its auto-electrics origins.
It’s owned by Nic Trimboli, who has Balthazar, E’cucina and Little Creatures under his belt, alongside Daniel Goodsell and Graham Arthur who collectively own Il Lido and Duende. They’re all respectable eateries in their own right, so it makes sense that their latest venture is as loved by customers as it is.


Not only does its breakfast rival the best but its lunch, dinner and wine menus prove that it’s at the top of its game.
For just after 7 in the morning, staff members were very pleasant and friendly; however, that could be down to coffee from their specially selected coffee and in-house roaster.
The Gordon Street Garage’s menu is not pretentious and its selection of tea, coffee, juice and cold drinks would satisfy both the loyal foodie and more relaxed diner.

Being the first people there we had no trouble with service and tea and coffee was delivered quickly and without fuss.
I ordered the house smoked salmon, potato and zucchini hash brown, spinach, poached egg and béarnaise ($21) and, like the other times I’ve been there, wasn’t let down.

The salmon wasn’t overly smoky but it had a very distinctive flavour complemented by the tangy and creamy béarnaise while the potato and zucchini hash brown was a little crispy, a little salty and a lot delicious. There were two poached eggs which was a nice surprise, so despite the dish looking on the smaller side, I left feeling full for hours.
The orange and grapefruit juice ($7) I sipped on tasted more like orange than orange and grapefruit, but was still refreshing with lots of ice.
The Gordon Street Garage is somewhere you’d meet a friend or date for a casual meal, and on the casual dining scene it’s one of Perth’s very best.
For breakfast, get there before 9am; after that it’s harder to get a table. Also, good luck walking past the cake cabinet without stopping to grab something sweet and tasty.


Gordon Street Garage
16 Gordon Street, West Perth
Open Monday to Sunday
7am til late

Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

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