Toastface Grillah, Perth CBD

I know I’m late to the party with Toastface but damn – that tiny little toasted sandwich bar down one of many of Perth’s seedy-looking alleyways is an absolute gem.

It’s everything you need in a quick-fix hangover/breakfast/hunger cure.

The graffiti-covered walls, complete with a mural honouring namesake rapper Ghostface Killah, house one of Perth’s cheapest and most delicious coffee and sandwich menus.

Before work early on a Tuesday morning the place was nearly deserted, save for a couple of keen sandwich fiends, so it was quick and easy to order.

The coffee is everything you need at 7am when you’ve had interrupted sleep, and followed by a fresh orange juice it’s the perfect reminder why fresh is best.

Nearly all of the sangas on the menu have just three ingredients, proving that quantity isn’t better than quality. The apple and gouda option ($8) sounds odd on paper but in reality it makes so much sense. The gouda and ham keep the traditionalists at bay, while the slivers of onion and apple add a sweetness that cuts through the cheese.


For the price, and the simple sandwich deliciousness, you’d be silly not to head to Toastface Grillah for a feed.

Monday to Friday – 7am to 4pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

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