Pimlott and Strand’s Truffle Dinner

The tiny cafe in the same complex North Perth Coles isn’t in the most glamorous location, but it’s trying hard to break into the foodie market.
Its most recent 20-seat truffle long table dinner, with British head chef Sophie Budd, was testament to the cafe’s longing to be included in the Perth foodie scene.
To start we had a brief introduction to the Italian bubbly plonked on our table and some bread and butter. I thought there would’ve been truffle butter to use instead of normal butter considering it was a truffle dinner, but a clean start wasn’t the worst thing.
The entree was a Jerusalem artichoke soup with fresh truffle served in an espresso cup, and it was delicious.

The soup had body to it; it wasn’t watery in the slightest and the subtle flavour of the artichoke highlighted the unique taste of truffle shaved on top.
With one glass of wine down the noise started to pick up and the small cafe-turned-restaurant became a lively place to be on a Friday night.
Entree was next, and the pan fried gnocchi, parsnip puree, truffle tree hazelnuts, sage butter, parmesan and fresh truffle dish caught my eye as soon as it was put in front of me.

The gnocchi was crispy enough to retain its creaminess, and the parmesan, sage butter and fresh truffle complimented it nicely.
However, the parsnip puree and tree hazelnuts weren’t a great mix as the sweet flavours overpowered the savoury gnocchi, parmesan and truffle flavours.
In saying that, I didn’t leave anything on my plate.
The wait between entree and the main event was much longer; a well-deserved break as wine and food started to fill up the stomachs of diners.
As soon as a glass of juicy, tangy Shiraz was put down I knew it was time for the braised beef cheeks, creamy potato, seasonal vegetables and beef and truffle jus that I’d been looking forward to.
Ultimately, this was the winner of the night.

The beef was cooked to perfection while the truffle and beef jus didn’t take over, as truffle tends to do. The vegetables were fresh and tasty and the creamy potato mash was the perfect tool to mop up the tasty jus.
With three meals down and one to go I was nearly so full that I considered not even touching my dessert when it came out, but luckily there was enough of a relax between meals that I was ready for the next.
By now everyone was shouting and the jovial nature of the long table dinner had finally peaked after three glasses of wine.
The final dish, a wattleseed tiramisu with freshly shaved truffle, was delivered in a small jar with a glass of port.

I like port at the best of times, but this was a rough drop and quite hard to drink with the creamy dessert.
The tiramisu was nice but I found there to be too much cream and not enough sponge. I sat there trying to figure out whether the tiramisu and the shaved truffle went well together or if the flavours were too separate and too different, and I’m still unsure.
Pimlott and Strand would be a great place to buy a sandwich or small treat during the day, like it’s designed, but they haven’t quite nailed the long table dinners yet.
It was a good try, though. Maybe next time they’ll nail it.

Pimlott and Strand

Shop 21/391 Fitzgerald Street

Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days.

Pimlott & Strand on Urbanspoon


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