Cantina 663, Mount Lawley

Cantina has become a solid Mount Lawley establishment; everyone knows what it is, everyone knows what to expect and every week it’s packed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We thought we’d be the first people there as we trudged in from the cold, miserable weather right on opening time but surprisingly people had already started to arrive.

Moments after we sat down at our window seat we were offered menus and water, and every few seconds I’d glance up and see the dedicated runners heading to City to Surf and feel slightly guilty as I pored over the delicious things on the menu.
The pancakes were incredibly tempting but I opted for the braised brisket, potato and spinach ($22) while the man typically ordered the steak sandwich.


I didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t what arrived in front of me. The fried egg was a welcome surprise and added a ‘breakfast’ element to the dish while the meat itself was so flavoursome I could’ve eaten it without all of the other things on the plate. The potato was cut into small chunks that were creamy and easy to eat – I only wish they went easy on the parsley.
The entire meal was covered in an oniony-vinegary jus that went so well with everything I was disappointed when there was only a tiny bit left by the end of the meal.
The verdict on the steak sandwich backed up my meal choice; “Yeah, it was nice, but yours was better.” Internally I smiled with pride.
What I love about Cantina is that it doesn’t have a typically breakfast-style menu. While there are bacon and eggs, pancakes and muesli on the menu there’s also a steak sandwich or brisket or fritter, and that makes for a delightfully unique way to the start the day.

Cantina 663
663 Beaufort Street
Monday to Saturday, 7:30am til late
Sunday 7:30am til 3pm

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