Gordon Street Garage, West Perth

Originally a garage, the aptly named Gordon Street Garage has been fitted out with funky furniture, art and a feeling of reinvention all the while keeping true to its auto-electrics origins.
It’s owned by Nic Trimboli, who has Balthazar, E’cucina and Little Creatures under his belt, alongside Daniel Goodsell and Graham Arthur who collectively own Il Lido and Duende. They’re all respectable eateries in their own right, so it makes sense that their latest venture is as loved by customers as it is.


Not only does its breakfast rival the best but its lunch, dinner and wine menus prove that it’s at the top of its game.
For just after 7 in the morning, staff members were very pleasant and friendly; however, that could be down to coffee from their specially selected coffee and in-house roaster.
The Gordon Street Garage’s menu is not pretentious and its selection of tea, coffee, juice and cold drinks would satisfy both the loyal foodie and more relaxed diner.

Being the first people there we had no trouble with service and tea and coffee was delivered quickly and without fuss.
I ordered the house smoked salmon, potato and zucchini hash brown, spinach, poached egg and béarnaise ($21) and, like the other times I’ve been there, wasn’t let down.

The salmon wasn’t overly smoky but it had a very distinctive flavour complemented by the tangy and creamy béarnaise while the potato and zucchini hash brown was a little crispy, a little salty and a lot delicious. There were two poached eggs which was a nice surprise, so despite the dish looking on the smaller side, I left feeling full for hours.
The orange and grapefruit juice ($7) I sipped on tasted more like orange than orange and grapefruit, but was still refreshing with lots of ice.
The Gordon Street Garage is somewhere you’d meet a friend or date for a casual meal, and on the casual dining scene it’s one of Perth’s very best.
For breakfast, get there before 9am; after that it’s harder to get a table. Also, good luck walking past the cake cabinet without stopping to grab something sweet and tasty.


Gordon Street Garage
16 Gordon Street, West Perth
Open Monday to Sunday
7am til late

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