Picco’s Kitchen, Maylands

Despite its shabby exterior (or, more politely, ‘unassuming’) Picco’s Kitchen is one of those places that you drive past a thousand times but never bother to go in.
Once I got past its boring facade and stepped through I completely forgot about what it looked like outside.

Customers are greeted with modern decor, friendly and knowledgeable staff, the smell of delicious food cooking and a wide range of house-made produce; Picco’s Kitchen even makes its own terrine.
The restaurant’s menu is hardly your stereotypical breakfast with things like black pudding and haloumi polenta cake.
I opted for the house-smoked salmon with dill hollandaise, poached egg, spinach and sourdough ($24) and I was not disappointed.


The salmon was flavoursome and melt-in-your-mouth good, while the dill hollandaise was tangy, refreshing and nothing like the thick, oily sauces that I’ve had before. The poached egg was cooked well and the dish was presented so uniquely that it was almost sad to destroy the toast-spinach-salmon-egg-hollandaise tower – but it did make it a little easier to eat. The toast could’ve been warmer and there could’ve been a lot less spinach but neither of those were the real centre of attention.
I didn’t have a coffee, which my friend described as smooth, but their orange  juice ($4.50) tasted like it had just been squeezed despite being from a glass. By this attention to detail I got the impression the chef likes to pick good quality produce. Normally they make their own fresh juice, but sadly this time they’d run out.
Picco’s Kitchen never made me feel unwelcome or burdensome, and being a busy Sunday morning, that’s a pretty rare feat to achieve.


38 Peninsula Road, Maylands
Breakfast and lunch Monday to Sunday
Dinner Thursday to Saturday

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4 responses to “Picco’s Kitchen, Maylands

  1. Taylor Williams

    Glad you enjoyed it I had breakfast alone lol

  2. Rachel @ Skull and Crosstales

    They make good brownies too 🙂

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